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Yoga Journal Singapore is here!


If you guys haven’t heard yet, we’re shouting it out loud now! Yoga Journal is launching here!! The biggest yoga magazine is set to have their inaugural edition in June 2016, right here in Singapore!!!


Ok you can tell just how excited we are with all the exclamation marks happening!!!! It’s simply that we love it for their awesome content, their heart & their focus. Having it published locally is an acknowledgment of the phenomenal growth of yoga in Singapore, & elsewhere in Asia too. And we know it’s going to add real value to our community – it’ll be the go-to guide for all that’s going on here (& there’s an awful lot of stuff always happening in our yoga scene these days!).


Yoga Journal Singapore


We’ve tied up with Yoga Journal SG to offer our readers this short term subscription offer- it’s pretty much 50% off newsstand prices, we think it’s the best value you’ll ever get! Subscribe Now
Offer ends 31st May 2016.


Yoga Journal SG will be headed by Kavita Chandran, an amazing woman with seemingly boundless energy! The jaded financial journalist turned her life around with a single email to Yoga Journal offering up SG ideas & before she knew it, she found herself in the driving seat of the brand new set up here. We love how she combines that yoga zen with a zest for life. We love her frankness, & her vivacity. And we know with her running things, it’s going to be a great magazine!


“There is more to yoga than the headstands and the handstands, and I strongly hope our magazine is able to convey that and bring the yoga community in Singapore together.” Kavita Chandran