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What are Chakras?


You probably know about the chakras, and Sun Moon Rain’s 7 Chakra Bracelet. But do you know that it could help centre you?


Let’s start with 1 question – do you know what chakras are?


Chakras are the main energy centres in our body; they’re like a powerhouse of whirling energy. We have 7 major chakras from the base of the spine, all the way up to the crown of the head. Ea ch of them serves a specific function – keeping them whirling in harmony to one another means keeping ourselves happy & healthy.


What is Energy? Indians call it Prana. Chinese call it Chi & the Japanese, Ki. Chakras in the Indian Ayurvedic traditions are in many ways similar to the acupuncture meridians in Traditional Chinese Medicine.


Here’s a short summary of chakras:

Root Chakra
Our foundation. Grounding.
Located at the base of the spine (tailbonel).
Deals with survival; issues of money & food.
Stones – Black Tourmaline, Hematite
Affirmation: I have an abundance of strength & energy. I express my individuality perfectly.

Sacral Chakra

New experiences. Creativity.
Sits on the lower abdomen, below the navel & approximately 2-3 inches in.
Abundance; pleasure, sexuality, well-being.
Stones – Carnelians, Citrines
Affirmation: I allow sweetness, sensuality and passion into my life.

Solar Plexus

Having self-confidence, in control. Self esteem.
This is upper abdomen, in the stomach.
Stones – Citrines, Topaz
Affirmation: I always have the power & will to achieve my goals.

Heart Chakras

Ability to love. Gratitude.
Centre of the chest
This is where you harness love, joy & inner peace.
Stones – Rose Quartz, Green Tourmalines, Jade
Affirmation: I am love; I am loving & beloved.

Throat Chakra

Communication. Self-expression.
In the throat.
Articulating your truth.
Stones – Aquamarine, Turquoise, Lapis Lazuli
Affirmation: I communicate effectively & create from a place of knowingness.

Third Eye Chakra

Helps us focus, get the big picture
Find it on the forehead, between the brows.
Develop vision, intuition & wisdom.
Stones – Amethyst, Purple Fluorite
Affirmation: I see & perceive all things clearly. Intuition speaks directly to me.

Crown Chakra

Spiritual connectedness. Bliss.
Right at the top of the head, the highest chakra.
See inner & outer beauty, when all the chakras are aligned.
Stones – Clear Quartz, Amethyst, Diamond
Affirmation: The wisdom & understanding I seek is in my consciousness.


Stones are associated with chakras because stones carry strong vibrational emery from the millions of years spent deep within the earth.


Wearing stones help to stabilise our energy centres, & help remove blockages, so that energy can channel smoothly through our body.


Why? Because when a chakra or energy centre is out of whack, or isn’t functioning well, we fall ill much more easily &/or become emotionally imbalanced.


Use SMR’s 7 Chakra Bracelet to help funnel your energy better; wear them, or hold them, as you go through each chakra affirmation. Do this whenever something doesn’t feel right – you’ll feel much better very quickly!


And btw, if you don’t believe this, or only means you haven’t given it a decent length of time to try! Change takes time; nothing happens overnight… 🙂

Sun Moon Rain