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TTT Kampong Glam Guide

Ever wondered where the TTT girls
go in our Glam 'hood?


This is our ‘hood. An area we’ve lived in for the past 5 years. We’ve seen our neighbours come & go, and the area shapeshift from a too-comfortable sloth locked in an 80s’ time warp to the current chameleon, still evolving but beautiful in its ephemerality.


We’re not here to tell you about the usual places you’ve read about in multiple City Nomads / the honeycombers articles.



Pav, the cool cat owner of Hangar, that sexy coffee joint.


We simply want to share the gems we’ve grown to love, and tell you the inner workings of our day. Like how it doesn’t really start until we’ve had an ice-cold latte, or a soy piccolo at Hangar (25 Arab Street)(they roast their own beans!), just down the road from us. This is where we sometimes hold our meetings in the morning (Smashed Avocado Toast!), against a backdrop of edgy street energy, where more often than not, Pav will wave ‘Hey mate! How’s things!’. Or those days when we sneak in an afternoon pick-me-up, between customers, at CAD Cafe (23 Haji Lane).


Cad Cafe

And this is our fav barista Has at CAD Cafe.

Yoga Time

When’s your Yoga Time? Ours is all the time, and a street away from us!


We have days which just fly by, when there are so many customers, we have just about enough time to ring sales up, and restock. And some other days, where we can spend hours with 1 single customer, telling her to try Tania’s Ashtanga at Yoga Time (70A Bussorah Street), or to do a trial class at Anahata (86A Arab Street)(these guys equipped their studios with top-of-the-line Manduka PROlite¬†mats from us!). We say: just plonk down your other half (& your kid) at Eat Play Love (28 Aliwal Street, Aliwal Arts Centre) with a Thai Green Curry set! That’s an awesome play space to drop kids husbands & BFs! The cacophony of colours goes awfully well with the kids clamouring attention, we promise they’ll be happy to chill. (Actually, if you really want to get into your man’s good books, buy him a session at Hounds of the Baskervilles (24 Bali Lane), a posh bespoke men’s grooming parlour!)


Hounds of the Baskervilles

It’s busy inside The Hounds of the Baskervilles!

Ribbon Shop

Every time we run in for a couple of ribbon rolls, we end up with 5! Can you blame us??


By the way, here’s a little secret: our shop ribbons all come from this small sleepy shop called Kin Soon Company just directly across from us! You MUST check it out- it’s a dizzying array of styles and thicknesses, you’ll want to buy up everything inside! *SHHHHH…* Maybe then would be a perfect time to drop into Crystals Qi New Age Healing (42 Kandahar Street), for some Angel Cards, or activated crystals. Be careful, though! Sometimes the cards aren’t what you expect, in which case, we say: grab a drink or three at Blu Jazz (11 Bali Lane), an institution round here. And for bites, we’d say adjourn over to the sister space Piedra Negra (241 Beach Road) for some soul-satisfying nachos & home-made salsas / guacs! Incidentally, did you know that their walls are funked up by internationally-known graffiti artist Didier Jaba Mathieu? His works are breathtaking, a meditation of artistry.


Piedre Negra Didier Jaba

We love Piedra Negra’s newly done up wall! Guess who’s the artist?

Dark Horse Vintage

Our Dark Horse Vintage-chic downstairs neighbour Jasmine.


And as we close our shutters to end the day, we inevitably bump into our downstairs neigh(!)bour – Dark Horse Vintage (31 Arab Street), who will be celebrating their 1st Anniversary coming up soon. We love Jasmine’s stuff, especially the fact that it’s vintage, with some cleverly up-cycled items; sustainability after our own hearts! This sort of consumerism is fabulous.



Supermama – a collection of locally-designed wares.


Elsewhere in the hood, we have newbies Supermama (265 Beach Road) a hop & a skip away from us. These guys showcase Singapore in the best possible way, with creativity & style. Next to which is the uber-chic Scene Shang (263 Beach Road), mixing up the best of east meets west sensibilities in homeware / furnishings. These are where we send some overseas customers for souvenirs. And we are thankful for the fact that they close just a tad later than us, affording us the simple pleasure of unwinding amongst beautifully-designed things, even if for a short while. The perfect closure.


Scene Shang

Wuen inside Scene Shang, eyeing some funky cushions!


Our ‘hood is our home. #welcomehome