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Yahnee the coolest yogi hair stylist in town

We get into Yah Nee's 'Headspace'; and we get Intrepid, Irrepressible, Irreverent!


How long have you been cutting / styling hair? What’s the best kind of customer profile for you? Fav styles to cut?!

I have been cutting hair for slightly over 3 years now. There’s no best kind of customer profile, I cut all kinds of hair, from short to long, thick or thin, coarse or smooth, as long as they want a haircut that suits them; and well, after all, my job is to make them look good!
My favourite styles would be short, pixie, or crop hair cut.

Why did you pick this Haji location? We love the mural on the ceiling btw, where you wash customers’ hair- it’s so nice to have something to look at other than a blank white wall! How long did it take you to draw this?

I chanced upon Haji Lane while shopping with a friend and she briefly mentioned that I could have a nice boutique salon in this mini lane since there are hardly any hair salons around the Kampong Glam area… I didn’t think much of it then. But the next thing i knew, I was hunting for a unit there… and Headspace was born. It didn’t take me long to draw the illustration on the ceiling, and i did it in 15 minutes freehand, pretty much a copy of the old mural from my sister Noreen (a.k.a Miun) who did the first drawing in my old unit (she’s an amazing illustrator btw!).


(TTT: you guys have to check out her space, and the mural, it’s really lovely.)



We know you’ve been doing yoga a number of years- could you share your perspective on it? Why you do it, what it does for you etc.

I started yoga in 2006 and have been practising since. There’s no looking back now. It’s part of my life, and I can never imagine not doing it. In the initial stage, I practised for fitness reasons, trying to lose weight, as I was chubbier then. But now I do it because it gives me energy and acts as an extra booster to start the day and for spiritual reasons too. It’s so good for the mind, the soul and the body, and sometimes I do it just to calm down and give myself a ‘relax outlet’ and let go of what’s holding me back sometimes. To those who embrace yoga out there, blessed be your soul!

There is a saying which goes: Hair today, gone tomorrow …! (Ok we’ve twisted it!) what do you treasure most?

I treasure my family and friends the most. i am closest to my younger sister, Noreen… and I treasure the present moment, how we live today. Be Here Right Now is what I deem most important.

Do you believe in chances? Or fate? Or choices in life.

This is a hard question… *haha*… I guess I am more of a fate person… some things are destined already, but just need a couple of steps or tries to get there. As much as I believe in fate and some thing which i cannot control, other things do fall under chances. Like we have the choice how we want to spend our time, we can decide who we want to communicate or interact with, who we want to share our lives with and how we want to spend our money and energy. I decide how i react to the difference circumstances in my life, whether they are opportunities or curses. I can choose how I wish to speak to others and the tone of voice in which I speak, and most importantly, I can choose my thoughts and actions.



You have a love for / of Ganesha- when did this start & can you explain something about him, for the benefit of our readers? You wouldn’t happen to have a tattoo of Ganesha…?

My love affair with Ganesha started when I started picking up yoga, and feeding my soul with a lot of spiritual knowledge of Hinduism etc (i am not Hindu btw). Well Ganesha is known as the Remover of Obstacles, and some people also refer to him as Lord of Success, and he is one of the most famous Hindu Gods (or Deities). I was first introduced to Ganesha by my yoga teacher HeeBoon, and since then I’ve read a lot of about Ganesha, also known as Ganapati. There are different myths and stories on the origins and birth of Ganesha, but let’s not get into that.And yes I do have a tattoo of Ganesha on my right arm, which i just inked early this year, it acts as a symbol of truth, faith and remover of my obstacles.

We’ve noticed your keen interest in chakras & mala beads. When did this start?

This also started along with my yoga years ago… I especially love the mala beads with sandalwood, as they emit a very nice natural scent.

Whose hair would you almost die(!) to cut?

So many! Can i choose more than one?! Well i think I would die to cuuuuuttt…….. Heath Ledger’s hair, if he’s still alive!

What is your yoga dream? Does it collide with cutting hair?

I have no yoga dream, I just do the pose, practise and stop dreaming… but perhaps hope to be able to complete a yoga teacher training course sometime next year, as i have been thinking about it for a long time. No it doesn’t collide with cutting hair.. I can be a yogi hairdresser!

What do you love about TTT!

The lovely scent of the whole place the moment i step into TTT!

(TTT: We use ‘Clarity’… Young LIving’s therapeutic-grade essential oil blend! We adore it too, invigorates and refreshes, yet calms us at the same time.)