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TTT Interview #5 with Kristin Khor

Kristin used to shout out a non-stop monologue in the Bikram series hot classes (remember the 'Japanese ham sandwich' pose?!) Not anymore. Read about her transformation ...

How do you think you’ve evolved from the time when you only taught bikram-style hot yoga? We remember Nazi-Kristin being very ‘shouty’! :p

I think that Jivamukti brought out the compassion and kindness needed towards my students in my teaching. In a sense, mixing two very different styles, compromising and meeting half way (as I love both) is helping me find my Niche. Before I was just copying a dialogue and how to act, with so much competition in NY I’ve had to put myself in uncomfortable situations and take more chances.

What traits, if any, do you still retain of your time as a hot yoga teacher?

I think my classes are still very power driven and the students build up a great sweat. My Bikram training gave me confidence and a voice. Jiva showed me how to use the strength in my voice and when to.

Could you share aspects of your current practice? Do you have an asana or a sequence you are trying to master at the moment?

I love practicing Jiva and I’m kind of stuck loving being a student, being part of a community in the classroom setting. I feel I always have so much more to learn from teachers as students. I am trying to find my home practice so I can build better sequences.

Kristin Khor

If we said that NYC Yoga was an energetic & vibrant 35-year old, how old would SG Yoga be?

Singapore yoga is so fresh and I never realized how much so till I left. I’m sure there are a lot of experienced teachers and practitioners but as a whole it’s still blooming. It’s a toddler.

One of your all-time favourite apparel brand is Teeki. Why do you like it & do you have a favourite piece?

Teeki apparel breathes soo well and it’s really light. I sweat a lot, even in non-heated settings so this brand is perfect for someone like me. Plus, even though its tight its not so that it prevents you from getting into postures. And it’s made out of recycled bottles. There’s the hippie in me.

As a teacher, we assume you of course have a regular / daily(?) practice. Do you ever ache?

I definitely have good days and bad days. If I don’t practice hot for a while and I get back in there, I ache quite badly the next day. I do think my vegan diet helps with the recovery time.

Who do you have as mentor(s)? Sharon Gannon & David Life? Or…?

I definitely bow down to Sharon Gannon and David Life, as well as Ganesh Das; they have taught me so much. Though my true teacher who is my heart and inspiration and continues to always be my real guru is Sangeeta Vallabhan. I did my apprenticeship with her for 6 months at JYSS.

What would you like to be in your next life?

At the moment it is so cold in the states I just wanna be a bear and hibernate. Haha!

Kristin Khor

Kristin Khor

Kristin Khor