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TTT Interview #10 with Roxanne

We chased down this intrepid yoga teacher for a morning of picture taking; wish we are as flexi as she is!

In the middle of my first class with Roxanne, my head screamed out to every single muscle in my body “Aarghhh! This is a nut-case teacher I’m not going to survive this flow!”… I have a strong practice (maybe masochistic tendencies too, cos I kept going back for more!) and she made me even stronger. Her classes are where I can push my limits, shut out my monkey chatter mind and meditate on movement. There is no other like Roxanne. She speaks to us about living life & her passion for yoga.



Gym fitness or yoga?

I used to frequent the gym a lot, doing group classes back in 2010. However, I suffered a shin injury and couldn’t really exercise for 2 months. That’s when I started doing yoga again. Being on the mat helped me recover faster, and I started learning and doing things I never thought I could do. Yoga gave me a better understanding of my own body. It made me feel good and I started appreciating myself even more. The passion for yoga grew tremendously and something in me told me in the near future, I would be able to spread the goodness of Yoga to many. Who would have ever thought that I would start teaching and set up Meraki Yoga?!

Describe your yoga journey in 2 sentences.

A spellbinding experience! So much joy in giving!

Favourite style favourite asana?

I love taking Hatha classes because it gives me the time I need to get into a peak pose which requires a lot of warm up and preparation work. With stiff shoulders, hamstrings and hips, holding poses is the biggest challenge for me. But I personally love teaching Vinyasa classes because I love fluidity. And watching people in the room move and connect with their breath, it really brings a sense of tranquility.



Who inspires you to always be better in life?

Good friends who stayed by my side in difficult times. My yoga teacher, Hee Boon, who shares life philosophy and gentle reminders about the consequences of our own actions. It dawned on me that there are certain things I have to work on, till today. In a way, I have become more aware of my own behaviour and actions towards people.
But what inspires me the most is dealing with difficult people in life. They give me bad experiences that I can learn from, and from there, learn from my past mistakes, improve on what I need to work on. I am still working on my weaknesses. There is always room for improvement.

Why do you like teaching?

I do not like teaching. I LOVE teaching!
Through teaching I have made a lot of good friends. Today, we still keep in contact and hang out once in a while. They have really been supportive of my teaching journey, believing in me, and having faith that I will never stop becoming better in my teaching. Also, I get to meet people suffering with personal issues, fighting their own battles, who turned to yoga to preoccupy themselves. When they started to become more regular in their practice, they slowly opened up to me. I never knew that I had the capability of changing their lives for the better. There’s no better sense of satisfaction when you know that what you give is precious to many on the mat.




Most memorable yoga experience?

Becoming a full-time teacher; when I decided to commit to full-time teaching. It was pure hard work and sweat. But the perseverance certainly paid off.

Complete this sentence – If I could live & love again, __________?

If I could live and learn again, I want to surround myself with positive people all the time!
I used to feel bad if I neglected my negative and toxic friends. It wasn’t easy but I have finally learnt to let them go, and it is okay to let go of toxic relationships. You do not need extra drama, frustration, stress and negative energy in your life.

What gets you out of bed each morning?

Breakfast! The most important meal of the day. It gives the energy to kickstart the day!