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Yoga is the Movement

Who says you can't have it all? Meet multi-talented Alicia Pan, TTT's Ms Ambassador-at-Large! She's beautiful inside-out, and down-to-earth... decided to find out the inside story.

Being a singer and yoga instructor, you seem to take full control of your life unlike many of us who are stuck in jobs they don’t particularly like. What is it that keeps you going?

Simply my passion for music and yoga! I started with music – I moved to Taiwan and had a lot of friends who were yoga teachers at the time, so I picked up yoga there. I had no idea what it was and then I tried a class, and then two. It took me a while to get into it, but once I did, I really got into it because I found that practicing yoga gave me time to myself. It’s my sanctuary when I go into the studio; I just have time alone, it takes my mind off a lot of things and I think (then) it was a good complement to my busy life in Taiwan.

So it was singing first, then yoga. And you do both now, actively?

Yes, currently I am actively pursuing both singing and yoga – separately, not together! I don’t sing in my classes (laughs) but… I guess that might be something I could consider in the future.

When you teach yoga, what would you say you specialize in and why? I focus a lot on the core; most yoga poses start with a strong core, if you have a strong core you can find stability in a lot of poses. I guess you could say I “specialize” in core!

I focus a lot on the core; most yoga poses start with a strong core, if you have a strong core you can find stability in a lot of poses. I guess you could say I “specialize” in core!

Alicia Pan

Alicia Pan

You also teach yoga at Evolve Mixed Martial Arts. I’m assuming you teach to big macho-type guys… what is their first reaction to Yoga? Do they first think it’s a girly thing?

Is it intimidating to teach athletes of that caliber? Yes, that is the first misconception a lot of the guys have – that it’s a “stretchy” class for women. Most have never attended a yoga class before, so they come with no expectations. Do I find it intimidating? No, not really – I actually quite enjoy it. It’s just very different from teaching a regular class, where I can talk through the entire session & walk around doing adjustments. For the fighters, I actually physically do the class with them. Some come back, others just try it once and say it’s not really for them.

So, we’ve recently heard of Boga Yoga & thought it sounded like a perfect fit for you, surfing and yoga! Have you tried it before?

Um… No. You mean you do yoga on a surf board?! I saw the picture actually! I’ve never tried it but if I do get an opportunity I would certainly love to hold a class somewhere.

Any projects/shows you are currently working on?

I’m still playing regularly on Fridays at Fabrika, and I hosted Fashion Steps Out (recently), which was pretty cool. I’m still writing songs and doing that at my own pace. But I’m basically spending 50% of my time on my music and 50% on yoga. It’s great to have the opportunity to do what I enjoy & what I want to do.

Maybe if you could end off with sharing a bit of your personal practice, and anything else you would like to master on the mat?

Well, I know it’s very ambitious but I am hoping to be able to float up into a handstand soon!

Like Briohny?

Yes, exactly! That was an amazing video by the way. It got a bit of flak actually, for being overly sexual. I just think it was beautifully shot.


In the next 12 months, what is your “big challenge” or a goal you are working towards?

Well, in the last 6 months I’ve been working on setting up my own studio which I can excitedly announce will be opening in May!!! My ultimate goal is to create a really fun community for people to come and practice, regardless of background, lifestyle, and you know, how much money you make. I’m hoping to offer a place that is affordable & accessible to everyone.” Alicia’s studio, Yoga Movement, will open its doors in May at 31A&33A New Bridge Rd, Singapore 059393 (right across from Central). For more information please visit