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Meet Liforme Yoga Mat: Purple Earth


Once upon a time, a very very long time ago, the earth was … purple. It was purple 4.5 billion years ago, in fact. And it was purple because of a dominant species of Halobacteria covering everything on our planet. Over time, this species slowly s l o w l y died out, overtaken by green chlorophyll.

In homage to our purple earth heritage, Liforme launched this beautiful new colour recently, where 5% of its total sales go towards ‘Friends of the Earth‘. We already love the Liforme story, and the guiding principles, so for us, it was fantastic news. Touch The Toes are over the (purple) moon to be the only Singapore retailer for this purple mat. So if you’d like to purchase one, pop down to our store or drop us an email to reserve yours! And btw, practising with the rain coming down, with Prince’s Purple Rain playing in the background, makes for a beautiful slow flow! (Adam Levine’s phenomenal version!)