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Mar ’16 Newsletter

M is for Magic

That’s our word this March, inspired by Rob Wolf Petersen who stopped by earlier in the month. Life as we know it, fast-paced, relentless & constantly busy, can be tough going. Sometimes we just feel a need to throw our hands up in the air and surrender. Just let go. Snuggle back into the couch, flick on a Tim Burton on Netflix – we suspend cynicism, and we believe that anything is possible. All we need is that sprinkling of magic, and then life is beautiful again!



And that’s exactly why we love Teeki’s Magic Hat!
Make love. Make magic. It courses through the veins in TTT. We’d wear this anytime, but especially under the starlit sky, when that sprinkling of magic is stronger. When we simply close our eyes & just for a moment, become the stars & the moon. Their Seven Crowns are a different sort of energy. One crown for each of the chakras. Align all seven & we become one. Did you know about this magic in our bodies? It’s in our lives too. When we are open we flow and when we flow we are one.



Spring is a time of regeneration. Of rebirth. New beginnings, new magic. All of us in TTT wanted all the styles for ourselves! But that would be quite selfish, so we simply contented ourselves to one each… the fabrics empower our practice, help our skins breathe better, without losing femininity and performance. Just beautiful.


Lily Lotus

Moani and Momi were happiest this season with their pretty Kia tops! Shell Pink whispered to Guava ‘you’re hot!’, and Guava repaid the compliment ‘that’s sweet of you’. Not to be outdone, Lava Wash interrupted “But I’m most unique and handpainted too!’. We have to be fair – they’re all fab in their own way. Come in & make up your own minds!



These guys continue to amaze us! Hard to believe, but it’s true! This time, it’s their limited edition PRO mats. The Udo Colorfield is inspired by the majestic Pacific ocean. Each mat is hand-poured and artisanal – no 2 mats carry the same streaks, much like the fluidity of your own practice. We especially love the symbolism. Light blue for health & healing. Dark blue for knowledge & integrity. Every time you step on to this mat, you step into your sanctuary. You create your magic. And the Opalescent Crest is dazzling in its emerald shimmer. Unroll it, and let the magic draw you in.


The Pita Bakery @ 29 Bali Lane

OMG. This belongs in the March newsletter because we found magic (& love!) in Uri Ustaev’s food! Absolutely the best pita + hummus combo around. Especially the zaatar herb pita – we can safely say it’s the yummiest we’ve had outside of the Middle East. Of course, that’s probably ‘cos Uri’s from Israel, and brings in the herb directly from Jordan. The next time you’re in the area, you simply must drop in on this neighbour! Oh, and it’s VEGAN too.

& Before We Go…

Do you know where your clothes come from? A sweatshop in Bangladesh? Or a rural China factory working 24/7 to meet the crazy deadlines of fast fashion? Maybe it’s an ethical family business in the USA? Is this important to you? We close off this newsletter with a question to you all – Who Made Your Clothes? More in the next few weeks!


Happy Easter weekend, yoga bunnies!