TTT Discovery

Jan ’16 Newsletter

2016! A whirlwind from the start…!

Eliza got engaged. Kelly’s moving to Sydney. Me, I’m trading my corporate life for a more fulfilling TTT world. And one of our temps, Lays, partnered with her friend Caryn, to offer home-made kefirs (you really must check out – we simply adore the name!). We were so tempted to stock them too! But decided it was safer to stick with what we knew & so soon we will be telling you all about our new labels, including a maternity range (it’s long overdue, all you mums-to-be out there will love it. Wait for our announcement…)

We are also coming into our 5th year!! Yes! TTT has been around this long, thanks to each & every one of you. So watch this space for anniversary events & goodies.

In the meantime, whilst we are super excited about our lives, we also want to share the TTT loves!


We love ❤ LOVE!
Toesox launched their Love Collection just for the round-the-corner Valentine’s Day. Lighthearted. Kiss & Hugs. Pretty names for pretty feet! Available in Full Toe Low Rise & Half Toe Ballerina (added support on the heel).


We love ❤ being charitable.
Manduka’s collaboration with artist Ryan McGinnes has resulted in this first ever printed Pro mat! Of course it’s limited edition. What’s even cooler is every mat bought means 2 kids get a yoga class free ( Time for some charitable shopping?


We love ❤ family units.
We work with various people in Lily Lotus- and what we love is the fact that they really are one big happy family. And buying from them means we keep them in business. Momi & Moani constantly attend to our queries, and we want you to know that these brands are not faceless. The clothing are really made with love.


We love ❤ going back to source.
Yoga started in India & we are so chuffed to have found ProYog. This newly launched Indian brand spins their own organic cotton fabric! The small range we’ve brought in is simple & easy to match. Luxuriously lightweight & moisture-wicking too. And they match the funky leggings, colourful tights that are so popular now. And they have removable padding. Woohoo!


We love ❤️ ourselves (but of course).
And this is why we carry Flaska. The water-restructuring bottle. Take care of the inside & the outside will be beautiful. From now until the end of CNY (22nd Feb), receive a free bottle brush with every purchase.


This is Wuen signing off for now. Until the next one… ❤️