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Eco Friendly Flaska Water Bottle makes Tap Water taste like Spring Water

Who’s Flaska? What’s Flaska? … & Why Flaska?


Flaska is a Slovenian brand of water bottles, which came about because the founder, Maks Vrecko, a strawberry farmer, wanted a better crop, back in the early 2000s. He came across the idea of water restructuring then, and thought it was worth testing out. So he grew half a field using regular water, and the other half with structured water (similar to spring water basically!).


The results were not instant- it took many months; a whole season of patience & watering to see what was happening- the structured water resulted in stronger healthier plants, & firmer better strawberries that lasted longer. But it wasn’t until 2010 that Flaska was set up, and production began, because he believed that if strawberries grew better with this structured water, us humans could too.

WHAT IS FLASKA (& what’s water?)

Maks experimented with an 80-year-old Austrian technology of structuring water and after 9 years, found that it was possible to imprint glass with the vibrational formula. This meant that a glass bottle could in turn transform the water it holds into structured water. And so the Flaska Water Bottle was born.




Structured water is water with its molecules lined up neatly, creating perfect crystalline formations (eg perfectly formed & symmetrical snowflakes).


Dr Masaru Emoto summarises it well here


The world is 70% water. We are 75% water. Strawberries are 83% water. If so much of us is water, we should take care to drink the best water available, so that we can grow better, like the strawberries! It’s simple, really.


Glass is better than plastics for our health; BPA leaching is bad for us, who knows what other crap stuff haven’t been discovered yet!


Glass is also better than plastic for Mother Earth! It’ll break down, unlike non-biodegradable plastics which are slowly killing our oceans, our landfills, our environment.


If we’re going to drink water anyway, we definitely want to drink the best. Because we’re worth it.


ad a pink SIGG aluminium bottle & another generic metal one, both of which I’d stopped using because I kept having to clean the inside build-up of limescale, minerals etc. And it was bothering me that I couldn’t really see what else might be growing in there (!).


I was constantly buying plastic bottle after plastic bottle of mineral water, and it was getting expensive, as well as being most un-eco-friendly. My checklist was simple:
– clear bottle, so I could see in
– sleek, aesthetically pleasing
– won’t fall apart or break easily
– easy to carry around




Flaska came along, and checked all my boxes. I was attracted by the compelling story, and whilst half of me wanted the cork cover, the neoprene spoke louder to me – it brought back fab memories of diving, and the ‘Moonlight‘ one I eventually picked reminded me of my furkids.


And the neoprene cover probably saved my bottle from breaking a couple of times! That’s how I know the glass isn’t as easily breakable as I thought – cos I dropped it twice *eeeps*!


I love that Flaska structures my tap water into a sweet-tasting, ‘lighter’ version of water- it instantly loses the ‘metallic’ taste that I dislike in tap water. I love it so much that I bought myself the Vodan Jug version for my home!


Flaska Water Bottles