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How to Find Your Soul Yoga Mat

Cut out the angst of buying a yoga mat, & get straight to the buzz! Our TTT bees show you how...


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Manduka Black PRO PROlite Mat

Manduka PRO/ PROlite
The original Manduka mats!
Dreamed up by a yoga teacher- these are solid, and comes with a lifetime guarantee…


Manduka Eko Mat

Manduka eKO Mat Series
100% rubber 100% Eco friendly.
The fully sustainable equivalent to the PRO series.


Manduka LiveON Yoga Mat

Manduka LiveON Mat
100% PLUSfoam (fully recyclable!), and versatile enough for pilates, yoga, stretching exercises. Lightweight & soft to the touch, this offers great joint support too.


Manduka eKO Superlite Travel Mat

Manduka Eko SuperLite
We basically call it the travel mat, to put over sweaty smelly studio mats!
Or fold up into your luggage, & unroll onto the hotel room floor (or carpet) for your private practice.


Madana Pro Yogi Jute Mat

Madana Pro Yogi Jute
This jute fibre mat is simply awesome.
Created by a local yoga teacher, this is a great option for people with sweaty palms. You are guaranteed not to slip!


Magic Carpet Yoga Mats

Magic Carpet Yoga Mat
Designed by artist Sophie Leininger, these art mats make a gorgeous statement.
The more you use, the stickier they get.