TTT Discovery

Feb ’16 Newsletter

It’s less than a week to the Fire Monkey Year! Naturally wily & cunning, the monkey is also highly intelligent & resourceful. It’s the perfect recipe for a most interesting year… *hmmm*


For those of you doing your last minute clothes shopping for CNY, we’ve got you covered! Mandala’s Spring motifs of beautiful flowers & butterfly capris are freshly served up. As well as Teeki’s hugely popular Envisions leggings (finally here!), & Run with Wolves.


4 days left to shop! Hurry down, & don’t forget that Sunday 7th Feb will be short for us. We close at 5pm**, which gives us enough time to rush home for that once-a-year Reunion dinner.


In the meantime, from all of us to all of you: Wishing you a trouble-free year monkeying around!
恭喜发财 ?


**We reopen Wednesday 10th Feb, normal hours.


Meaning: To imagine future possibilities! Put on your Teekis, & visualise your angel eyes & mermaid dips.


…Towards wisdom, away from the monkey mind! Choose your direction consciously, every time you slip a pair on.


What’s the story, morning glory! A gorgeous watercolour of flowers in bloom. Pair it with a crisp white blouse & welcome in the CNY gods.


Dare to be bold! Wear this (almost) Impressionist print & make a statement in the studio, & out on the streets! Wearable art, we call it.


Will you hold out a stick of honey for me please, bunny? I want the birds & the bees to buzzy round me! Love at fist sight: not too pastel, not too loud.