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Conscious Santa’s Gift Guide 4 of 6

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New in for Christmas are the mindful braids & chains
– they all have the same messages as the reminder bands,
but these are one size fits all *yay!*

Hand blocked and artisanal, these simple styles have no season-
because they’re for all seasons! Since we brought them in, they’ve been a hit.
(NB US size 4 upwards, smaller sizes akan datang …!)

These guys have been stalwarts in the yoga scene for so many years now.
They are a reflection of TTT: eco, ethical, sustainable & local!

Sun Moon Rain takes semi-precious stones that contain strong
energetic properties & transforms them into beautiful & wearable daily accessories.
And btw, we think it’s awesome that it’s growing internationally too!

Much more than a yoga bag! They are art pieces, inspired
by personalities & hand crafted with love … see the styles in store!

Sarah is a yoga teacher. These eye pillows are sewn in Singapore
& stuffed with flax seeds & dried lavender from her garden in Spain. The weight is great

Bamboo is just the best thing for our tropical climate! Designed and sewn in
Singapore! You have to slip them on to understand why so many people buy them.