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The Compression Effect with Yoga Democracy Leggings (& save some turtles)


For a long time, it was only hardcore fitness buffs who swore by compression workout wear. Athletes are willing to spend a lot of money for them. Have you wondered why?

Yoga Democracy Urban Active Yoga Legging

What’s It All About?

Compression leggings are amazing for explosive performance and is a natural fit for outdoor fitness like cross-fit. They also speed up post-workout recovery time, so that athletes don’t ache as long. And they offer superior support compared to generic workout wear ie hold in the jiggles!


What about yoga? We embrace a mind-body-breath focus in our practice, we are not after explosive super performances. But this doesn’t mean that we don’t get tired or our muscles don’t ache, after a strong flow. Especially if we are weekend warriors trying to make time for ourselves in our busy schedules. We want an equally quick recovery, from improved blood circulation- this is important to us. And if our leggings give us added support & slimmer legs, and in turn makes us feel good, that’s not a bad thing either.

Yoga Democracy Urban Active Yoga Legging

100% Trash = Econyl = 100% High Performance

Which brings us to the point of this article: Yoga Democracy’s Urban Active range of leggings, using the high-performance Italian fabric Econyl (eco nylon!). The superb properties* of this fabric read like a ‘Who’s Who”- all the qualities that should be there, are there. And the beauty of it all, is that this cutting edge fabric is made from 100% post-consumer & post-industrial waste. That’s industrial plastics, discarded fabrics, ocean trash like fishing lines, ghost fishing nets etc. Just so you know, there are 640,000 tons of abandoned nets estimated on the ocean floors, representing 10% of ocean trash. This revolutionary process gives new value to trash, by putting it back into the economy.


But what got our attention is that this luxe fabric is in itself completely recyclable, forming a closed-loop system. This means that your leggings can be up-cycled into a pair of board shorts in its next life. And it’ll still have all the purity and performance qualities of virgin polyamide. Tech is fab! *mindblown!*.

Yoga Democracy Urban Active Yoga Legging

Yoga Democracy

Their leggings are eco-conscious, stylish, & made ethically by ‘free-range humans’. This is one brand that isn’t into greenwashing; 95% of everything that this brand makes is from recycled fibres. It’s a brand that walks the talk, loves our planet, celebrates us & contributes back. When you wear them, you’re helping to clean up our oceans, and save the turtles & dolphins one legging at a time.

*Superb Properties:
100% opaque & soft to the touch
Completely breathable, sweat-wicking & anti-microbial
Chlorine, sun-cream & oil resistant
Full UVA-B 40-50+ protection
Fade-free & bleed-free colours (for One Blue Knit)
100% purity & performance

Yoga Democracy Urban Active Yoga Legging