Why Eco?

Thank you for finding us! And welcome to our eco-friendly yoga apparel & yoga mats world, a world we started in 2011, the first in Singapore (in fact, in Asia!)

We founded our little bricks & mortar (literally!) upstairs shophouse along Arab Street, and decided to go online 3 years later, after multiple requests. The labels we carry use only organic cotton, bamboo blends, recycled / up-cycled materials, and are all sustainably produced. You’ll find beautiful clothing, and more importantly, clothing which is amazingly comfortable against the skin.

There’s also a full selection of yoga mats and accessories, all waiting for you to discover, to bring them home to invigorate and deepen your practice. And if you’re in our shop, wander over to our beautiful wooden counter and you’ll find charming Chakra and mala jewelry, to inspire you (as well as make you look pretty along the way!). Handmade by artisans, these range from bracelets to necklaces to dangly earrings… There’s more, so shop on here!

Or indulge your senses the next time you’re in our neighborhood – go oooh! at the designs and colours, aaah at the incredible softness… and the smells will definitely make you go mmmm…!

TTT are Eliza, Kelly & Wuen – all 3 very different, but very dynamic people. Between us, we are logical, sensible, and creative. We listen, we help, and we dream. Come in – live our dream.

Step onto your mat. Inhale deeply. Set an intention.
Begin your practice. Begin your yoga.
Harness the breath. Transform the body. And in turn the mind.
And you’ll transform the world.

Why eco?

It’s your world. A beautiful one which you share with your beautiful kids.
Anything you do to harm this planet a little less, goes a *l o n g* way.

Less Petroleum. Less PVC. Less Pesticides = Less Pollution.
More awareness. More happiness. More love. More beauty.

Choose sustainable. Support fair trade.
Buy wisely. Live cleanly.

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Or just pop down & have a real chat with us …

The People



Most people go TGIF! Wuen wants the world to go TGfT - Thank God for TTT. This store is a dream-turned-reality for her, set up to be a one-stop-yoga-shop; for regular people to look good, feel good, and be eco, all at the same time, without busting the pocket. She is grateful to the yoga community for the love received, the friendships built, and the space to grow. Wuen loves Sundays @TTT, where she can chat with amazing people. In between, she fits in an evolving yoga practice, a travel lust, and a day-job (somehow). She rounds up the TTT-threesome with tongue-in-cheek humour and 24/7 quirkiness.


Kelly started practicing yoga back in 2007 and was immediately hooked. She has loved watching the Singapore Yoga community grow over the last few years, and hopes TTT will continue to play a role in bringing eco-conscious yogis together, both on and off the mat. She is the logical grounded energy in TTT. In her free time, Kelly enjoys cooking at home, spending time with her family, and is an avid scuba diver.


Eliza left an unfulfilling advertising job in 2011 to join TTT as the jill-of-all-trades. Today, she is the creative soul of the store & in charge of operations / development. She is inspired by the diverse customers, neighbours & suppliers and enjoys strengthening the bonds within that make up TTT. Eliza also freelances for special design projects. She has a degree from the prestigious Rhode Island School of Design and her pet dream is to produce an in-house TTT green line.