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A Lesson in How to Read


When was the last time you picked up a real book? A juicy novel, or a biography, or one on self-improvement.


I have fond memories of the National Library, of first borrowing my parents’ library cards, and then borrowing 12 titles at one go! I struggled to lug them all back. Those were pre-computer pre-wifi days. But those were also days of immense pleasure, sinking my teeth into the magical land of books…


These days, I struggle with information overload. Too many newsletters, online magazines, newspapers, trivia sites… Why do we subscribe to so many in the first place?? We could simply say no. Couldn’t we? Easier said than done. We don’t know it, but we all suffer from the FOMO disease.


When we feel that we’re missing out, we won’t know how to say ‘No’. It’s just in case there might be a sale somewhere so worth going for, or the supercool party we need to be photographed at. So how do we even get started on a book this way??


Well. Here’s what I do, & I’m sharing it with you.
1. Buy only book(s) that YOU want to read. So what if XX says it’ll make you smarter? Or it’s the #1 bestseller? If you’re not interested, you won’t read. Period.


2. Commit a decent length of time each week in your schedule to reading. Could be an hour before bed, or 3 hours Saturday mornings- if you keep to this, you’ll soon find it becomes habit, and that some days, you’ll even make extra time, especially for that next exciting chapter!


3. Switch off your mobile devices completely!! That phone, or iPad or blackberry. This way you won’t be tempted to check your email. And whilst you might have withdrawal symptoms initially, you’ll find that in fact, you’ll be quite comfortable quite quickly!


4. Find a comfortable nook, away from the TV, or other distractions; & have a glass of water or your favourite drink handy. Sometimes, I like to also have a nice scent going- my candles, or my ultrasonic diffuser. It’s kind of my “me” time!


5. My final point? Applies only to couples! If your partner also commits to the same routine, it becomes easier & also twice the fun!


I love the depth of emotion a good book can do for me- it can make me cry, or get angry, or laugh. Sometimes I’m on the mrt & something in the book makes me just burst out laughing- I love that it’s my “secret” what I’m laughing about.


And at the end of each book, I mostly wish I had more time to read further!


It’s exactly like yoga too- Practice, & all is coming! -Pattabhi Jois


Train the body/ mind and the rest will follow.